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Want to eat out but don’t have a clue where to look for paleo or primal options? Specifically looking for grain-free? dairy-free? healthy fats? grass-fed meats? Now there’s a site where you can compare many options in one place, with links to the restaurant’s web site so you can take a peek at their menu and policies before you go.

The category ratings are my own, or occasionally those of trusted friends. They are correct and fair to the best of my knowledge, but I make no guarantee of their accuracy. In fact, I can assure you that some will vary from one visit to another, or depending on who is working that day. They are meant as a starting place – a tool for improving your odds.

In addition, there are also user ratings. You decide how to balance this metric with the other ratings. Please contribute a star rating and comment for any restaurants you have tried. Please be cautious when entering or using the user ratings, as it is currently not possible to change or update a user rating once entered.

If you own a restaurant, please contact us to request a review/listing, to challenge something you feel is incorrect/unfair, or to request free coaching on how to become more paleo-friendly. I’ve written a book on the basics, and will work with you to quickly identify the easiest changes with the biggest payoff for your specific operation and menu.

The most recent reviews appear at the top of the page, just like blog posts. They are similarly sharable and we encourage you to do so. The overall star rating appears next to the image, and then a snippet of the review text. Click on the title to see the full review, including a chart of individual criteria as well as a link to the restaurant’s web site and comment form.

From the sidebar, you can search by name, keywords, style, or city, or use a handy widget that highlights top rated reviews. There’s also a link to the main Madison Paleo web site, of which this is a sub-project.

The star ratings are structured to let you see how they do on the specific criteria most important to you. These are subjective, but the general guideline is:

5 Stars = Excellent – Many good options. Good practices overall.

4 Stars = Very Good – Multiple good options. Better than average ingredients and/or practices.

3 Stars = Good – At least one solid option, plus other possibilities.

2 Stars = Fair – You can probably eat something if you hack the menu.

1 Star = Poor – Not recommended at this time.

0 Stars = Faileo – Avoid. They don’t want your business.


(Partial stars are sometimes awarded where appropriate.)


This site is a work in progress, and your input is welcome. Please reach out if you have any feedback on the structure or content.